Recording McLuhan’s Massage – the Sainte Maxime session

On August 4th 2011, we had a great recording session at an improvised studio in a vacation house in Sainte Maxime. Luc Martinez brought his microphones and came with two wonderful actresses: 13-year-old Louise Guillomet and her mother Cécile Guillomet.

Recording the McLuhan Massage - Louise et Cecile Guillomet - photo Benjamin Bergery-

I asked Cécile and Louise to read two French poems as a duet: Arthur Rimbaud’s Voyelles and Charles Baudelaire’s Correspondances, which they did with beauty and brio. Both poems evoke the interconnectedness of today’s virtual landscapes, while illustrating the acoustic world McLuhan speaks of.


I then joined the two to create a series of vocal sound effects and textures ranging from snorting, laughing, dial tone imitations, aahhing and oohing to short repetitive word pieces, using phrases like “flash mob”, “back to the future”, etc… We had a wonderful time and got some great stuff with the help of Luc Martinez, who acted as sound recordist and artistic collaborator. I then recorded my wife Kim Bergery voicing texts from the Medium is the Massage, which she did beautifully in her sensual, husky voice.


A photo of our home studio, which included 2 of Luc’s great mikes, an FA-66 audio capture box, and a Mac Book Pro with Final Cut to record. The small Mac on the table displays the text to read.

Recording the McLuhan Massage - Home Studio-


Luc’s FA-66 mike:

Recording the McLuhan Massage - Luc s mike-HD-


The view from the studio:

Recording the McLuhan Massage - view from Home Studio-


You can listen to (or download) the French and English versions of the sound track by Benjamin Bergery & Luc Martinez with Luc Courchesne

Parfum McLuhan

McLuhan Perfume

Download these mp3 audios by
ctrl+click (mac)
right click (PC)

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