Keith = Hieronymus + Seuss

Sometimes Keith Haring is the guy who combines Hieronymus Bosch & Dr Seuss.


Haring evokes Bosch‘s infernal tableaux in this untitled 1986 mural that hung above a bar in San Francisco. But the style and characters in this mural are also a bad boy homage to child cartoonist Dr Seuss.

Keith Haring- 1986 Untitled Mural corners detail-Untitled (Mural) – 1986 – Acrylic & oil on canvas – 5 panels

I took this photo at the 104 exhibit in Paris in 2013.
I enjoyed the corners most.


Dr Seuss’ characters are often identified by their single color, like green Grinch. Like Dr Seuss, Haring often uses uniform color for ready identification, as in his 10 Commandments.

dr seuss characters


18. August 2013 by benjamin
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