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If I Can See You – Disclosure 1994

demi moore disclosure-

Above is an image from the scene from the 1994 film Disclosure by Barry Levinson where Michael Douglas’ character comes across Demi Moore’s flat-faced avatar in virtual space. The design of Demi’s virtual self blends a sketchy woman’s body with a 2D photo.

Michael is startled but quickly realizes that Demi cannot see him. Michael is a virtual invisible voyeur who watches Demi delete incriminating documents. The real Michael is of course quite visible, and the scene plays on this duality to create suspense as the bad guys make their way to the hotel suite where he has snuck in to connect to the virtual space.

This scene is a first hint of the duality that will emerge fully a dozen years later in Avatar.

demi moore disclosure2-

As we wander the internet we are, like Michael Douglas, flipping in and out of invisibility, going from voyeur to participant. These postures are part of what makes facebook so successful.

In the Massage Parlor environment that we created with Luc Courchesne, Michael & Demi would see each other. And Demi would have 3 more flat sides to her, no curves.

The rule there is the same as with a mirror:
If you can see me I can see you.

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