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Balla – Girl Running on the Balcony – 1912

1912 - Girl running on the balcony - Giacomo Balla -blog BergeryGirl Running on the Balcony – Giacomo Balla – 1912

This painting is a beautiful example of Dynamism or Kineticism, a variant of Futurism that tries to depict an motion by presenting different moments of an event simultaneously.

This approach to depicting time is similar to how Cubism depicts space.


Dynamism also evokes Eadweard Muybridge’s movement studies of the 1870-80s.


The use of big punctillist pixels makes this very modern, and reminds me of Jim Campbell’s Home Movies series.


Balla’s painting was featured in the Marcel Duchamp show at the Centre Pompidou


The balcony balustrade gives Balla a good excuse for dividing the painting into vertical time slices.
There are 8 heads, and 9 slices.
The change in alignment between heads and slices illustrates the speed change in the girl’s movement.


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