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I’m “With” Her

I'm "with" her - Selfies with Hillary - credit Victor Ng on Twitter

I’m “with” her – Selfies with Hillary – credit Victor Ng on Twitter

Sign of the times.


04. October 2016 by benjamin
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Mona Lisa Selfies

Mona Lisa SelfiesMona Lisa Selfies 2015 – photo by Benjamin Bergery

I took some photographs the other day of people taking selfies in front of the Mona Lisa at the Louvre.

In this self-portrait the work of art is considered as a landmark, like the Eiffel Tower. But it is also a dual portrait: a frame within a frame, an old portrait within a new portrait, and a very personal acquisition.

The moment of the photograph feels like a ritual action to mark the historical moment: I was here.

The selfie is also a way to join yourself to the celebrity of the painting. It is a form of fame.

Who is the audience of this selfie? Who is the intended audience? Who is the actual audience?


11. March 2015 by benjamin
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Méta Méliès

Les Voyages Fantastiques 2015 -Trottoirs du Hasard -photo Benjamin Bergery

J’ai pris des photos du spectacle intitulé Les Voyages Fantastiques (de Jules Verne à Méliès), écrit et mis en scène par Ned Grujic et produit en partie par la compagnie Les Trottoirs du Hasard, formée par mon frère, Sébastien Bergery.

Ce spectacle merveilleux évoque les oeuvres de Jules Verne et George Méliès, et s’adresse aux enfants et aux grandes personnes. Le véritable sujet est la mise en scène — du cinéma primitif, mais aussi du théâtre — et le spectacle alterne entre des préparations et des tournages, en montrant bien les rouages d’effets spéciaux artisanaux. Les moments tournages sont des “remakes” de films classiques de Méliès et notamment son chef d’oeuvre, Le Voyage dans la lune.

Ce spectacle combine magistralement plusieurs niveaux d’écriture à la fois: les comédiens et les personnages, le scénario et la production, les coulisses et la scène, le cadre et le hors-cadre, le film et le théâtre, et, dans une belle conclusion, le plateau et l’écran.

Les Voyages Fantastiques est une belle méta-oeuvre poétique sur le cinéma.

Bravo !


Vous pouvez lancer un diaporama en cliquant sur une des photos ci-dessous, et naviguer avec les flèches sur votre clavier. Vous pouvez aussi visionner (et télécharger) chaque photo en pleine résolution (sous “comment”).

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01. March 2015 by benjamin
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Balla – Girl Running on the Balcony – 1912

1912 - Girl running on the balcony - Giacomo Balla -blog BergeryGirl Running on the Balcony – Giacomo Balla – 1912

This painting is a beautiful example of Dynamism or Kineticism, a variant of Futurism that tries to depict an motion by presenting different moments of an event simultaneously.

This approach to depicting time is similar to how Cubism depicts space.


Dynamism also evokes Eadweard Muybridge’s movement studies of the 1870-80s.


The use of big punctillist pixels makes this very modern, and reminds me of Jim Campbell’s Home Movies series.


Balla’s painting was featured in the Marcel Duchamp show at the Centre Pompidou


The balcony balustrade gives Balla a good excuse for dividing the painting into vertical time slices.
There are 8 heads, and 9 slices.
The change in alignment between heads and slices illustrates the speed change in the girl’s movement.


11. October 2014 by benjamin
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Duchamp – the title as “an invisible color”

This starts a series of annotated details from the Marcel Duchamp show.


1911 - Baptism - Marcel Duchamp -blog-bergeryBaptism – Marcel Duchamp – 1911

Duchamp is quoted:

The presence of a non-descriptive title appears for the first time. In fact from then on, I always gave an important role to the title, which I added and treated like an invisible color.


The distinction between title and work is a prelude to
the separation of the idea and the work,
which then leads to
the identification of the idea as the work
— which is Duchamp’s revolutionary contribution to the philosophy of art.


Baptism is a form of naming.


With the readymade, Duchamp will focus on the moment the artist names the work, as the moment the work becomes a work of art.

The artist baptizes the readymade to transform it from an ordinary everyday object into a work of art.


This much is true:
A good title should transform the work.


11. October 2014 by benjamin
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Duchamp Brain Shampoo

This begins a series of notes about the Marcel Duchamp exhibit at the Centre Pompidou which I visited with Jim Campbell after we wrapped Chorus Lux.


Jim is the one who really introduced me to Duchamp, and convinced me that “he is the most important artist of the 20th century”.

Duchamp is the Descartes of art. Descartes revealed a gap between thought and reality.

Duchamp first disconnected the physical work of art from its idea, and then showed us that the idea is the work of art.


Looking at Duchamp’s work in the show, Jim and I noted the following milestones:
– He is a Fauvist painter
– He becomes a Cubist
– He becomes a Futurist, or more precisely, a Dynamist
– He abandons “retinal art”
– He invents the readymade

All this happens between 1911 and 1914.

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11. October 2014 by benjamin
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Chorus Lux by Benjamin Bergery & Jim Campbell – October 2014

Chorus Lux by Benjamin Bergery and Jim Campbell - October 2014-

All our work finally yielded a wonderful installation
in the vast church of Saint-Sulpice,
which Jim and I started documenting around 5 AM.

A memorable night


05. October 2014 by benjamin
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Chorus Lux minus 7 days

Chorus Lux - Saint-Sulpice Church - Saturday October 4 2014 - Benjamin Bergery and Jim Campbell-500px


27. September 2014 by benjamin
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Project Otome: Digital Make-up

Project Omote - live 3D video projection on face -thefilmbook-
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30. August 2014 by benjamin
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20th Century Philosophy (in 20 Words or Less)

Twentieth century philosophy discovered that knowledge is a network.


A few examples:
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28. August 2014 by benjamin
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